IRS postpones filing deadline to May 17

In case you haven’t heard, the tax filing deadline was extended to May 17, which also gives you more time if taxes are owed to the IRS.


Also, the latest coronavirus relief bill made a number of changes that impact your taxes. For example, the first $10,200 of unemployment income (or $20,400 for married couples filing jointly) is now tax-free for those with a 2020 adjusted gross income of less than $150,000.


This year’s taxes are particularly complex, so I highly advise you give us a call to ensure you receive all that you’re entitled to. 


And if you have not received one or more of the past three stimulus payments, then filing your taxes is the only way you’ll be able to recoup what is owed to you.


Even with all the changes, we’ve made filing your taxes easier than ever before. Give us a call and let’s get started today.


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