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How to Handle Missing the Tax Deadline: Options and Strategies for Late Filers

The deadline for filing federal income tax returns has passed, but if you missed the April 15 deadline, there are still ways to get them filed and minimize any potential penalties.

Stay Calm

First things first: stay calm and act quickly....

5 Expert Tips to Navigate Tax Season Stress-Free

Tax season has rolled around again, and with it comes the inevitable dread that can accompany it. Many of us fear making even a small mistake and facing consequences from the IRS. But fear not! Accountants are here to share their top tips to...

Get More from Your "Child Care" credit!

What is the "Child Care Credit" ?

Congress has beefed up the tax credit for eligible dependent care expenses during the pandemic, but those changes have run their course. Don't fret, though. There's still plenty you can do to maximize this...

2024 Tax Season has begun

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has successfully inaugurated the beginning of the 2024 tax season, accepting and processing federal individual tax returns on January 29th. This initiative is aligned with the agency's ongoing commitment to...

$1.3 Billion Owed to Taxpayers for 2017 Taxes

Over a Million People Will Lose Out if Not Filed by May 17

IRS postpones filing deadline to May 17

In case you haven’t heard, the tax filing deadline was extended to May 17, which also gives you more time if taxes are owed to the IRS.

What's Changed for Your 2020 Taxes?

There are quite a few changes this tax season compared to last: in large part, due to the pandemic.